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[SND]001 Explaining the Project Idea.mp42022-01-20 21:12 18212k
File001 Explaining the Project Idea_en.srt2022-01-20 20:11 4k
[SND]002 Website Structure.mp42022-01-20 21:13 16820k
File002 Website Structure_en.srt2022-01-20 20:11 4k
[SND]003 Inspecting HTML Code.mp42022-01-20 21:14 41500k
File003 Inspecting HTML Code_en.srt2022-01-20 20:11 4k
[SND]004 Objects.mp42022-01-20 21:14 26792k
File004 Objects_en.srt2022-01-20 20:11 4k
[SND]005 Revision of Functions.mp42022-01-20 21:14 42528k
File005 Revision of Functions_en.srt2022-01-20 20:11 4k
[SND]006 Conditional Logic (IfElse).mp42022-01-20 21:13 30380k
File006 Conditional Logic (IfElse)_en.srt2022-01-20 20:11 4k
[SND]007 String Template.mp42022-01-20 21:13 21000k
File007 String Template_en.srt2022-01-20 20:11 4k
[SND]008 Debugging.mp42022-01-20 21:13 21088k
File008 Debugging_en.srt2022-01-20 20:11 4k
[SND]009 Research.mp42022-01-20 21:14 50132k
File009 Research_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]010 Next Steps.mp42022-01-20 21:13 13664k
File010 Next Steps_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]011 Fetch, Async _ Await.mp42022-01-20 21:14 30116k
File011 Fetch, Async _ Await_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]012 Try _ Catch Statements.mp42022-01-20 21:14 16856k
File012 Try _ Catch Statements_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]013 Invoking the Fetch Function.mp42022-01-20 21:14 27156k
File013 Invoking the Fetch Function_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]014 Promise.mp42022-01-20 21:12 11604k
File014 Promise_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]015 Arrow Function.mp42022-01-20 21:13 17896k
File015 Arrow Function_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]016 Updating getPrice().mp42022-01-20 21:14 41304k
File016 Updating getPrice()_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]017 Next Steps II.mp42022-01-20 21:11 13140k
File017 Next Steps II_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]018 Finding Patterns.mp42022-01-20 21:14 33652k
File018 Finding Patterns_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]019 Arrays.mp42022-01-20 21:14 29124k
File019 Arrays_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]020 Loops.mp42022-01-20 21:14 39640k
File020 Loops_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]021 Using Objects.mp42022-01-20 21:14 65684k
File021 Using Objects_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 8k
[SND]022 Accessing Object Properties.mp42022-01-20 21:14 17652k
File022 Accessing Object Properties_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
[SND]023 Recap.mp42022-01-20 21:14 42784k
File023 Recap_en.srt2022-01-20 20:12 4k
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