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[SND]0-Introduction.mp42022-02-09 10:53 11412k
[SND]1-What is SolidWorks.mp42022-02-09 10:57 63180k
[SND]10-Menu Bar Pull Downs.mp42022-02-09 10:57 34392k
[SND]11-Command Manager Tabs.mp42022-02-09 10:59 19728k
[SND]12-Feature Manager Design Trees.mp42022-02-09 11:00 37684k
[SND]13-Heads Up View Toolbars.mp42022-02-09 11:06 70312k
[SND]14-Tips and How to Search For Help.mp42022-02-09 11:03 23280k
[SND]15-Defining Sketch Planes.mp42022-02-09 11:11 71812k
[SND]16-How to Make an Axis.mp42022-02-09 11:10 28484k
[SND]17-How to Draw a Line.mp42022-02-09 11:13 36492k
[SND]18-How to Draw a Rectangle.mp42022-02-09 11:13 29160k
[SND]19-How to Draw a Circle.mp42022-02-09 11:14 14088k
[SND]2-File Formats in SolidWorks.mp42022-02-09 11:17 31356k
[SND]20-How to Draw a Slot.mp42022-02-09 11:17 25036k
[SND]21-How to Draw a Arc.mp42022-02-09 11:19 19868k
[SND]22-How to Draw a Polygon.mp42022-02-09 11:18 16248k
[SND]23-How to Draw a Spline.mp42022-02-09 11:20 20316k
[SND]24-How to Draw an Ellipse.mp42022-02-09 11:20 15244k
[SND]25-Under Defined Sketch.mp42022-02-09 11:21 11948k
[SND]26-Fully Defined Sketch.mp42022-02-09 11:25 40852k
[SND]27-How to Add and Delete Sketch Constraints Relations.mp42022-02-09 11:28 77684k
[SND]28-How to Add Dimensions to a Sketch.mp42022-02-09 11:30 54008k
[SND]29-How to Add Sketch Fillet and Chamfer.mp42022-02-09 11:30 31088k
[SND]3-Design Intent.mp42022-02-09 11:32 18888k
[SND]30-How to Trim and Extend a Sketch.mp42022-02-09 11:35 40724k
[SND]31-Offset Entities.mp42022-02-09 11:34 19760k
[SND]32-Mirror Entities.mp42022-02-09 11:37 26276k
[SND]33-Linear and Circular Sketch Pattern.mp42022-02-09 11:38 36944k
[SND]34-Move Copy Rotate Scale and Stretch Entities.mp42022-02-09 11:40 37964k
[SND]35-Revolved BossBase.mp42022-02-09 11:44 55548k
[SND]36-Extruded BossBase.mp42022-02-09 11:54 125528k
[SND]37-Convert Entities and Share Sketch.mp42022-02-09 11:47 40400k
[SND]38-Mirror Features.mp42022-02-09 11:50 33044k
[SND]39-Fillet and Chamfer.mp42022-02-09 11:58 88840k
[SND]4-Opening SolidWorks For the First Time.mp42022-02-09 11:55 7300k
[SND]40-Extruded Cut.mp42022-02-09 12:06 90828k
[SND]41-Revolved Cut.mp42022-02-09 12:06 77072k
[SND]42-Circular Pattern.mp42022-02-09 12:14 78444k
[SND]43-Linear Pattern.mp42022-02-09 12:10 50288k
[SND]44-Sweep BossBase.mp42022-02-09 12:17 85864k
[SND]45-Swept Cut.mp42022-02-09 12:24 107552k
[SND]46-Download the Resources in This Lecture.mp42022-02-09 12:18 13032k
[SND]47-Lofted BossBase.mp42022-02-09 12:29 144188k
[SND]48-Shell.mp42022-02-09 12:27 31036k
[SND]49-Finish Nail Polish Body.mp42022-02-09 12:34 69052k
[SND]5-Starting a New Part.mp42022-02-09 12:29 4848k
[SND]50-Lofted Cut.mp42022-02-09 12:31 28684k
[SND]51-Hole Wizard.mp42022-02-09 12:35 45632k
[SND]52-Draft.mp42022-02-09 12:36 18052k
[SND]53-Warp.mp42022-02-09 12:41 79360k
[SND]54-How to Edit a Sketch.mp42022-02-09 12:38 17484k
[SND]55-How to Hide and Show Sketch.mp42022-02-09 12:40 14516k
[SND]56-How to Edit Features.mp42022-02-09 12:42 26440k
[SND]57-How to Suppress and Unsuppress Feature.mp42022-02-09 12:45 38564k
[SND]58-Rollback Feature.mp42022-02-09 12:45 20296k
[SND]59-Reorder Features.mp42022-02-09 12:48 32548k
[SND]6-Opening and Closing Files.mp42022-02-09 12:47 24864k
[SND]60-Measure Tool.mp42022-02-09 12:50 27924k
[SND]61-Mass Properties Tool.mp42022-02-09 12:49 10104k
[SND]62-How to Create New Assembly.mp42022-02-09 12:50 6368k
[SND]63-How to Insert Component in Assembly.mp42022-02-09 12:54 51492k
[SND]64-How to Add Mates.mp42022-02-09 13:04 157900k
[SND]65-Component Pattern.mp42022-02-09 12:56 31508k
[SND]66-How to Edit Component.mp42022-02-09 13:01 60588k
[SND]67-How to Add AppearanceMaterial.mp42022-02-09 13:08 89008k
[SND]68-How to Change Scene.mp42022-02-09 13:09 44912k
[SND]69-Assembly Level Features.mp42022-02-09 13:19 73784k
[SND]7-Part Manipulation.mp42022-02-09 13:12 37892k
[SND]70-How to Create Exploded View.mp42022-02-09 14:03 63536k
[SND]71-How to Create Drawing File.mp42022-02-09 13:32 14800k
[SND]72-View Layout Standard 3 Views and Model View.mp42022-02-09 14:00 31504k
[SND]73-Projected View.mp42022-02-09 15:08 15508k
[SND]74-Auxiliary View.mp42022-02-09 15:23 24900k
[SND]75-Section View.mp42022-02-09 15:02 20636k
[SND]76-Detail View.mp42022-02-09 15:03 13700k
[SND]77-Brokenout Section.mp42022-02-09 15:05 16300k
[SND]78-Break.mp42022-02-09 15:07 21664k
[SND]79-Crop View.mp42022-02-09 15:10 14940k
[SND]8-Changing Units.mp42022-02-09 15:12 26728k
[SND]80-Annotation Changing Drawing Scale.mp42022-02-09 15:16 36132k
[SND]81-How to Add Centerline and Center Mark.mp42022-02-09 15:13 24420k
[SND]82-Edit Sheet Format.mp42022-02-09 15:17 24524k
[SND]83-Adding Notes and Adding Annotation.mp42022-02-09 15:18 36656k
[SND]84-Adding Dimensions.mp42022-02-09 15:18 41964k
[SND]85-Bill of Material.mp42022-02-09 15:18 48228k
[SND]86-Drawing Tips Break and Reassignment Drawing Alignment.mp42022-02-09 15:46 33524k
[SND]87-Show and Hide Drawing.mp42022-02-09 15:16 23948k
[SND]88-Show Hide Drawing Line.mp42022-02-09 15:38 25208k
[SND]89-ZoomPanRotate.mp42022-02-09 15:17 29640k
[SND]9-Saving Files.mp42022-02-09 15:18 25660k
[SND]90-Rotate Model.mp42022-02-09 15:21 64188k
[SND]91-Revolve Animation Using Camera and Path.mp42022-02-09 15:29 149200k
[SND]92-Exploded View Animation.mp42022-02-09 15:28 110220k
[SND]93-Collapse View Animation.mp42022-02-09 15:22 55216k
[SND]94-Bolt Animation.mp42022-02-09 15:28 118212k
[SND]95-Check Valve Render Workflow.mp42022-02-09 15:33 184728k
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